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it is a treat. they're packed with flavor. it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! good morning, meshgs. breaking overnight, panic on the track. a freight train honking its horn in warning, plows directly into a parade float carrying wounded american veterans. >> we've got a trailer got hit by a train. >> at least four dead. how did this truck get stuck in the train's path? showdown on capitol hill. david petraeus in the hot seat for the first time since the cia sex scandal, facing questions about the attacks on americans in libya. this, as the photo of that fbi agent connected to the so-called whistleblower in the case is revealed. an astonishing rescue after that three-car crash caught on tape. neighbors race to help the victims. then this, a grandfather of 14,
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battling broken glass and twisted metal, to safe a baby at the last minute. and are you ready for this? lindsay lohan set to walk into our times square studio this morning for her only live interview. she is playing the world's most famous movie star. but first, she is live on "good morning america." good morning, america. we have breaking news just as we come on the air. sirens welling across southern israel and tel aviv right there. palestinian rock et cetera targeting tel aviv just exploded. we're right on the edge of war in the middle east right now. there's no injuries reported from this latest shell explosion. but this is a serious escalation. >> we have our eye on all of the developments there. and we also have the latest on the millionaire software
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titan on the run. police could be closing in on him right now. and abc news has learned, he may never have left his house. we have the exclusive photo showing the bunker where he may have been hiding out. and get ready to meet the heaviest triplets in the world. sidney, elliot and jenson. all of the details on their birth. we have a lot to get to. we want to get to the deadly and horrifying crash in texas. federal officials are heading to texas to join investigators to find out why a freight train slammed into a trailer with veterans. clayton sandell has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this morning investigators with the national transportation safety board will be on the scene here just trying to figure out how this train ended up in the middle of a parade.
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>> a trailer got hit by a train. we need e.m.s. units down as many as you can. >> reporter: the impact was deafening, as the union pacific train plowed into the parade float, carrying two dozen wounded veterans and their spouses. >> the noise, it sounded like somebody got hit. >> reporter: two flatbed trucks crossed the railroad tracks. they were on their way to an annual hunt for heroes banquet. >> my daughter heard the train coming and heard the horn. >> reporter: patricia howell was at the crossing with her daughter and saw the train approaching. >> she said, mom, they're going to hit. and i saw the trailer was still on the tracks. and the people were jumping and trying to get off of the trailer before it hit. >> reporter: and then, the impact. >> i just saw people wounded by the train. >> headquarter, we are going to
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have multiple victims. we'll need everybody we can get down here. >> reporter: police say while some people were able to jump from the float before the crash, many of the victims on the back of the flatbed truck were in wheelchairs and could not escape. >> the warriors, the wounded warriors themselves, were helping each other. they were treating each other. they were moving each other. they throwed in. these military guys, this is not something they should have had to go through again. >> reporter: now, union pacific says the gates and the lights at this crossing were working at the time of the crash. we're also hearing remarkable stories of heroism, including that of 34-year-old joshua michael, an army sergeant who died in this crash. reports say he was able to push his wife off of the float before he was killed. amy? george? >> that is really something. clayton, thanks very much. let's go to josh with the other top stories. >> we're going to begin with the images from the middle east. the middle east on the brink. air raid sirens, blasting, now,
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as israel's commercial capital races for more rocket attacks. this is first time tel aviv has come under attack in two decades. nearly two dozen people have been killed. abc's alex marquardt is in the middle of it all right now, in gaza. alex? >> reporter: that's right, josh. a lot of activity all around us this morning. there was supposed to be a truce for a couple of hours. but it quickly became clear that wasn't going to happen. as dawn broke, a series of very loud israeli missile strikes. israel says it struck over 150 sites overnight. some of those sites were rocket-launching sites, which we can see from here. and we've seen palestinian militants launching rockets from those sites into israel for much of the morning. israel says more than 300 rockets have been launched into israel since this escalation began. almost half of them have been stopped by the iron dome anti-missile system, which you can see working here in this
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video. meanwhile, some 16,000 reservists have been called up, as tanks and troops mass along the gaza border, preparing for a possible ground invasion. so, now, three days into this huge escalation of violence, no sign that either side is backing down. josh? >> a potentially perilous escalation. alex marquardt in gaza. here at home, a security scare at the airport in phoenix overnight. a woman with a small child in her car, crashed through a gate and drove on to an active runway. flights had to be stopped for some 15 minutes as police tried to get her to stop. they would only say she appeared to be impaired. no flights, though, were in danger. and oil giant bp will pay a record $4.5 billion to settle criminal charges stemming from the 2010 gulf oil spill. three of its former employees will not be covered under the deal. the justice department is charging two former supervisors with felonies, saying they failed to perform a safety test.
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and a former bp executive will be charged with lying to congress. and some dramatic video here showing the destructive force of hurricane sandy as she roared ashore. water flooded train stations in new jersey. again gushing from the elevator shaft. submerging turnstiles and train tracks. it will be several weeks before full train service will be restored there. things can get a little rough on the soccer pitch. but not like this. pa paragliders took to the sky. the stunt goes a little wrong. get out of the way, fellas, because he's coming. as you can see, took down an unsuspecting player who perhaps had no idea he would be attacked from the sky. surprised, though, not hurt. everybody is okay. >> never turn your back on paragliders. >> he was coming fast. >> real fast. it looked like at the last
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second, he managed to get to the right of him and maybe save the day. >> thanks. now, to the high-stakes moment for general david petraeus, facing a new investigation into the sex scandal that's cost him the cia director's job. petraeus will go behind closed doors on capitol hill today to testify about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, is here with more on that. we're also learning more about the women at the center of this. >> reporter: as best we know general petraeus is being called to answer questions about only what went wrong when four americans died in the terrorist attack in benghazi. he is expected to talk about security videos from the consulate and surveillance video from an unmanned drone that showed events in real-time. petraeus will take the familiar walk this morning to a senate hearing room, knowing that the senators have agreed not to ask him about his extramarital affair, leaving that to others for you, including the inspector general of the cia.
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one question that has been answered in the case involved the so-called shirtless fbi agent, fred humphries, who started the investigation. "the seattle times" published this shirtless photo thursday. and as humphries had claimed, it appears to be more a joke than something sexually provocative. other questions to be answered at some point involve how two of the women close to petraeus tried to use their connections to him. his mistress, paula broadwell gave a testimonial and demonstrated a machine gun for a company looking for military contracts. >> for an individual fighter, reducing weight is critical. >> reporter: watchdog groups say it was a brilliant move by the company. >> he knew he was friends with her. >> reporter: and another friend of petraeus, tampa socialite, jill kelley, allegedly used the cia director's name in an effort this summer to broker a contract
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for a $4 billion emergency facility for senior officials of the south korean government. this according to adam victor. >> miss kelley made it clear to me that general petraeus put her in this position. that's why she had access to senior levels. they were doing a favor to general petraeus. >> reporter: victor said he broke off dealing with kelley after she asked for a commission that would come to $80 million. a spokesperson for jill kelley did not respond to questions asked by abc news. but a source close to the general said he had nothing whatsoever to do with a deal that jill kelley was trying to make. and he had asked her to stop throwing his name around. >> that explains a lot. thanks very much. another showdown in washington today. president obama has his first face-to-face meeting with congressional leaders over the fiscal cliff set to hit january 1st. let's go to abc's jonathan karl for more on that. >> reporter: there's not much
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time left. as one senior white house official told me, this has to be a real start to this meeting. there's no time for photo opes or show meetings. i'm told the president is going to kick things off with a public statement, reiterating his firm position that tax rates on the wealthiest 2% must go up. he will not waiver on that, even as he wants to cut taxes or extend tax cuts for everybody else. that would appear to put him on a collision course with republicans who said raising tax rates on anybody is unacceptable. so, george, potential collision course. but i've got to tell you, both sides are saying they believe something can and must be worked out. >> but to be clear, working things out, the bottom line is wealthier are going to pay more one way or the other. >> reporter: that's absolutely the case. even republicans at this point concede that the wealthy has to pay more taxes. they want to do it by closing some of the loophole, not by raising the rates. >> jon karl, thanks very much. the clock is ticking. we'll have more on this sunday on "this week," including an exclusive interview with house democratic leader, nancy pelosi.
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now, to the escalating controversy of the use of caffeine in energy drinks and a new line of cracker jacks. the manufacturers say these products are perfectly safe. but the fda is looking into caffeine concerns. and so is abc's jim avila. >> reporter: abc news has obtained 92 of what the fda called adverse event reports. the latest of which is an october death claim of sudden cardiac arrest. the government is founding. but the founder of 5-hour is fighting back, saying his product is not harmful. some people swear by it. >> i feel more alert. i feel awake. >> reporter: others overdo it, as in these youtube videos. >> chug. chug. >> reporter: but this morning, the ceo and founder of 5-hour energy drink, tells abc news that kind of abuse is the only way to hurt yourself with his product. >> if you had ten cups of coffee in an hour, i think you'd end up in a hospital. that would really be a dumb
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thing to do. >> reporter: bhargava says the deaths and hospitalizations, recording to the fda because of his 5-hour energy drink was because the product was abused. not because it's dangerous. >> they have to say that. they have to investigate. that's their job. >> reporter: how much caffeine is really in 5-hour energy? a two-ounce bottle contains 207 milligrams, equivalent to two eight-ounce cups of coffee. or six cokes. that's a lot. but nowhere near the amount considered a lethal dose. about 5,000 milligrams. that's 50 cups of coffee or 500 shots of 5-hour energy. more than most could physically drink. is there any risk to a healthy person drinking your product? >> not at all. none. >> reporter: while the label says those under 12 should not drink its product, this morning another caffeine controversy is brewing with a familiar product favored by children. the maker of cracker jack says
7:14 am
it will release an adult version of the snack with caffeine baked in, set to hit stores in early 2013. frito lay says the product line will not be marketed to children. the package line is different from cracker jack. >> no prize inside that cracker jack. >> reporter: the surprise might be the caffeine. >> jim avila, thanks so much. >> guys, thanks. we have the latest twist in the manhunt for the software millionaire suspected of murder. abc's matt gutman is on the case in belize. you've been learning a lot more about john mcafee's compound and how close the police may be. >> reporter: that's right, george. sources are telling us that police are focusing searching on this island. and all of the talk about mcafee's hiding out, it's possible he's in the estate behind me, hunkers down in a
7:15 am
steel and concrete safe room. this morning, it appears that investigators may be closing in on john mcafee. the former software tycoon being sought for questioning in a murder. mcafee said rumors are rife of an imminent raid. and another bizarre twist in this saga, sources tell abc news, mcafee may never have left his house. >> he could have picked a location that's very secure, the police don't know about. >> reporter: in fact, abc news has learned mcafee's compound features a concrete safe room. this photo obtained exclusively by abc news overnight, shows the bunker's steel gate. when we visited, the lights were on. but we saw no sign of mcafee. police have been looking for mcafee since saturday night when his neighbor, american greg faull, was found shot in the back of his head in his home. >> they actually need him to make the case. specifically, they need him to talk. >> reporter: last year, faull had complained to authorities about mcafee's security and
7:16 am
dogs. and while investigators have not named him a suspect, mcafee has spent the week in hiding, calling reporters to say he's not insane. >> i'm certainly innocent of the charges that are leveled against me in the press. >> reporter: last month, mcafee released this blog. he writes, perhaps it's a tale of paranoia, in which events are misinterpreted by an unstable mind, my mind. now, mcafee told us he's changing out his cell phones every few hours. he's gone as far as querying an online message board to ask how long it takes the cell phone companies to triangulate a cell phone call. he told us that we are being followed. we found no evidence of that at all. >> it feels like it's just a matter of time. thanks very much. now, to a harrowing crash and miracle rescue all caught on tape. a car running a stop sign, causing several vehicles to collide. inside one of them, a crying
7:17 am
baby who is now safe this morning thanks to a good samaritan's quick thinking. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: it was a near-deadly crash on the south side of milwaukee, caused by this car that blew a stop sign, crashing into oncoming traffic, sending this suv flying into the night. across the street, the camera he uses for security, rolling on it all. >> i was watching tv with the wife over here in the house. i heard like two trains colliding. that's what it sounded like. >> reporter: the ford explorer was on its side, sandwiched between a cadillac and another suv. the man and his neighbors started pouring out of their homes helping the victims. when all of a sudden, this grandfather of 14 could hear the faint sounds for help. >> i could hear her cry. hearing a baby cry like that breaks your heart. >> reporter: the girl's mother was knocked out, curled up in a ball near the front seat of the flipped suv. the toddler was trapped in her
7:18 am
car seat in the middle of the crumpled vehicle. >> i found the baby dangling on her car seat in the middle seat. she was strapped to it. and there was the strong smell of gasoline, i started working with her right away. >> reporter: fearing the vehicle could explode at any moment, he reached through broken glass and twisted metal to remove the child. >> i was telling her in spanish, like i call her sweetheart, don't worry. i'm not going to leave here without you. >> reporter: everyone survived with cuts and bruises and no serious injuries. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, new york. >> an incredible story. and incredible man. >> i love that. and everyone, is okay. >> remarkable, after you see the pictures. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. >> a nice way to get to it, as well. happy ending on that one. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with your winter forecast. what's it going to be like for the rest of the winter season. the normal outlook, normal and
7:19 am
drier everywhere west. look at the cooler conditions that will be just in the bare southeast there. colder around the great lakes and the northern plains. if there's a wet zone it's probably the area from arkansas to kentucky and tennessee. everyone else gets about what you expect in a winter season. into the west comes an injection of more wet air. it hasn't been too -- well, hasn't been a lot of rain here. there will be by the time we get into the weekend. we're expecting one to three inches in those big areas that will pick up some rain. hour andrees at this
7:20 am
there are couple of showers near the northern neck and the eastern shore. that will pull out of here by this afternoon and we should seek sunshine. it will continue to be called our high only 55 degrees. yourve taken rain out of sunday but we expect to see some h temperatures staying in the 50's. the big holiday will warm up slightly in your travel forecast looks good. >> middle of the country is having a great weekend. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. >> thank you, sam. coming up on "gma," the baby faced valedictorian accused of killing his mom. his family and the entire town say he's innocent. dan and nancy break it down. also ahead, an astonishing
7:21 am
medical mystery. the rare disease you've never heard of. this brother and sister have. are they allergic to being cold? and lindsay lohan is here live in times square. ♪ one for you. ♪ and one for me. ♪ you, you, you, you, you... ♪ and one for me. ♪ xbox for jack. ♪ sweaters for nancy. ♪ i'm blown away... i'm freaking out... ♪ ♪ deals, deals, deals! ♪ it's on, it's on, it's on, ♪ it's black friday. [ engine revs ] ♪
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:26 on november 16. missing virginia
7:27 am
toddler is now over as police takene 18-month-old was halifax county yesterday authorities said one of her alleged abductors was found on morning andia this another alleged of dr. was found county,e george's ago and about one hour the baby is ok. the former cia director david petraeus will testify before the house and senate intelligence the september attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed four americans. newschannel 8 will have more on that story in a few minutes. let's find out what is happening on the roadds. >> this is the 14th street bridge which is doing well this morning. downtown, it looks like police on pennsylvania avenue nw which is right before you get to capitol hill.
7:28 am
l very heavyis stil newington. 66 eastbound approaching the beltway had an accident that is moved out of the way. >> we are waiting for the to move out there are a few showers to the south and east of the metro area but that sunshine this to afternoon and 43 degrees at reagan national right now. see partlycting to and a high between 50-55 degrees. s cloudyhave a few day overall drive. >> we will be back
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♪ could be the role of a lifetime for lindsay lohan. you see her getting ready there to play elizabeth taylor. there's the transformation. the brand-new movie "liz & dick" is coming out now. and lindsay lohan will join us in times square this morning. good morning, america. robin roberts is getting stronger every day after that bone marrow transplant. >> coming up next on "gma," the brother and sister with a condition that's so rare, it's like you you've never heard of it. they're allergic to the cold. how they stay warm. and babies onboard. get ready to meet, perhaps, the heaviest triplets in the world.
7:31 am
20 pounds of joy. one, big, happy family. >> big babies. >> big babies. a very, very, very happy mother. >> that's like three joshes. >> you don't want to do that. i mean, that's -- she was carrying them, amy, you were saying. >> i was saying, she can put them in her arms instead of the weight of them. >> way to power through, josh. >> thank you. i'm excited. you know i love to do this stuff. we have a very special edition of trash to treasure. we have not done this since "gaa." we bring it back to you. >> there's a happy lara right there. >> there's a happy lara, looking through junk. we have four flea market finds that went from junk to gems. we want to save them for you, our "gma" viewers. >> cannot wait for that. we have to get -- >> i can tell you're excited. >> i am.
7:32 am
we have to switch gears right now. we have to go to the michigan high school valedictorian that is facing charges for murdering his mother. first, here's abc's john muller. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine that this jeffrey pyne is the same jeffrey pyne is the same valedictorian and a university of michigan biology student. but today, ten women and four men will hear opening statements in pyne's first-degree murder trial. the 22-year-old accused of killing his own mother. in 2011, ruth pyne's body was found bludgeoned and stabbed 16 times in their home. >> the prosecutors focused on jeffrey. >> reporter: after five months of an investigation, jeffrey was charged in october 2011 of beating her to death and locked up without bond. pyne's father told abc news, he
7:33 am
believes he is innocent. a sentiment shared in the community. it took a judge 2 days to final 14 impartial jurors. >> the people in the community are hugely supportive of this young man. even people whwho believe he ma have killed his mother. >> i absolutely don't believe that jeffrey pyne is guilty of this murder. he loved his mother very much. >> reporter: but court records show ruth had a history of mental illness for 14 years. and nine months before her death, she was accused of trying to strangle jeffrey and spent two weeks in jail. >> we did know she was ill. but the family never let on the nature of the illness. >> reporter: indicted by a secret grand jury, little is known about the evidence against him. >> this was a rage killing. that certainly lines up with the prosecutor's intention that this was an angry, young man who had had it with his mother. >> reporter: jeffrey pyne maintains his innocence.
7:34 am
but if convicted, he faces the possibility of life in prison without parole. let's get to our legal team. nancy grace. and our "gma" legal correspondent, dan abrams. welcome to you both. nancy, you're a former federal prosecutor. do you see evidence here for a first-degree murder conviction? >> as of right now, absolutely not. i don't see it. but we all keep saying they're going to show us more in opening statements, which are slated to begin at 8:30 this morning. within about an hour, we'll hear all the state's got in their opening statement. as dan would agree, we hope there's going to be more evidence and there's not. we know it all. this is what is concerned me. jury nullification. you saw it in o.j. simpson. you saw it in lorena bobet. they like the defendant. i think this is rife for jury nullification.
7:35 am
>> anytime a prosecutor in america hears nancy grace say their case is weak, they're in trouble. >> i didn't say that. i said we haven't heard the evidence yet. i like this guy, dan. when i found out, now that you have a child. >> yeah? >> if somebody were beating your child, the mom started beating this boy, now a man, when he was 9 years old, and beating the little girl. she tried to strangle her son. the jury may say, she got the death penalty. >> you're saying she deserves to die because the defense here isn't that it was self-defense. the defense is that he wasn't there, nancy. the defense is, keeps saying, i wasn't there. if his claim was self-defense, i totally agree with you. but when he's saying i wasn't there, he's putting it all on the table to challenge the prosecution's case. >> dan, let me school you again. >> please, do. >> that's not what jury nullification is about. >> right. >> jury nullification is when they hear the evidence. take a look at this jury. you have a working-class,
7:36 am
highly-educated jury. they're going to understand the evidence. in jury nullification, even if the evidence is strong. >> i don't think they need to nullify. they don't need to nullify here. >> never -- >> right. right. >> this is what i know. >> i want to press one point. >> they don't need to nullify, though. the bottom line is, if the -- they don't have more evidence than the prosecution has already laid out. and part of the prosecution's case is going to be that the motive was the mother's mental illness, the mother beaten him in the past. >> here's what i want to get to, nancy. >> no. >> let me bring this to you. >> not surviving the legal verdict. >> if the prosecution does come up with evidence that proves that jeffrey was at the scene. we know he had bloody hands and other circumstantial evidence. if they can prove he was at the scene, does that change your view?
7:37 am
>> frankly, i may end up going along with the jury because even though they may prove a murder. they have his cell phone placing him at the area. they have wounds on his hands. he was a handy man, in addition to going to college as a biology major. so, he can explain those wounds away that way. but he lied to police about where he was that day. he said he was transplanting lilac bushes for a lady that he worked for. he said, no. it wasn't that day. it was another day. is that enough to prove murder? even so, you put a hand on my son or my daughter, you might get the death penalty. you understand what i'm saying? and a jury may agree with me. >> the bottom line is, it may seem like nancy and i are disagreeing. but we actually agree on the fundamentals. it's a tough case. >> impossible. >> tough case to win, based on the evidence that we've seen already. and i think that they're going to have to present more because you both got the sympathy and the lack of evidence together. >> dan abrams, nancy grace, thanks very much.
7:38 am
weather, now, from sam. all right, agreement. sam? >> yesterday, incredible flooding in charleston, even downtown. there will be more water in the area. hollywood beach, in florida, as well. all along the coastline. these tides are going to be higher. there's an offshore system that will create flooding. and watch this low back up, right into the curve in florida. what's that going to do is see some clouds on the coastline. and back that water, at high tide, against the shoreline. once you're in atlanta and start to get wet, it's clouds and light opportunities of a scattered shower there. here comes milder air. moves right through the country. and look at the beautiful warm-up in the nation for the weekend. dallas at 66. new orleans, look at you. 65 today. 67. 68, by the time you get into sunday. that's some good stuff in the middle of the country for the weekend. you need happy friday, not a bad start
7:39 am
this morning with a few sprinkles to the south and east metro, 43 degrees at reagan national >> all that weather was brought to you by coffeemate. >> thank you, sam. coming up, the astonishing mystery illness you probably never heard of. you'll meet the brother and sister who are allergic to the cold. we're just moments away. lindsay lohan, live in her only interview. she's about to arrive here in times square. stay with us. ♪ [ female announcer ] your favorite holiday flavors are here... with some new ones to love. ♪ try new sugar free pumpkin spice... and pecan praline. the gift of great taste is just a click away. get your coupon at nestle. good food. good life.
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back, now, at 7:42, with the astonishing medical mystery we first heard about from our denver station, kmgh. a brother and sister so severely allergic to the cold, even getting close to the air conditioner could be life-threatening. abc's linsey davis is here with their story. >> reporter: this is something so unusual, so rare, the family actually had to go to more than half a dozen doctors before their children could be diagnosed. imagine being a child who can't play in the snow or go outside when it's cold or even eat ice cream. that's the life of a very small group of people who are actually allergic to the cold. connor and taylor frankenfeld's days to play outside are numbered. all because of a peculiar, life-threatening allergy. >> there is sometimes that i feel like i'm not an ordinary kid. >> reporter: the 5-year-old and 8-year-old brother and sister
7:44 am
are both allergic to the cold, a condition that could actually kill them. >> when it first started, it started in the diaper area. they told us diaper rash. it went from diaper rash to a staph infection. then, it went to winter itch. >> reporter: connor was 3 years old when the frankenfeld first noticed the painful rash. then, it got worse. one day after playing in the snow, connor's whole arm started to swell. >> i tell the doctors, don't think i'm nuts. i had one doctor tell me i was nuts. >> there's no blood test for this. >> reporter: so, dr. william landing tested them by putting an ice cube on their arm for three minutes to test their reaction. he iged both children with cold urticaria, a rare allergy to the cold. >> i've had five or six cases in my career. >> i freak out when i see the weather starting to cool down. >> reporter: taylor has it so
7:45 am
bad, she went into shock from walking under an air conditioning vent. >> i finally feel my throat start to feel funny. i was really scared. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: a scary diagnosis, for such young kids. moving away from colorado won't help the matter. it's not just the weather that bothers them. cold floors, ice water, air conditioning. things you'll find anywhere in any climate. lara? >> thank you. something they have to deal with. and coming up on the show, get best for our best trash to treasure ever. four flea market finds, transformed from drunk to gems. we want to show you how to do it and do the same for you. and i believe we have a very special friday "play of the day." two, little kids, getting the surprise of their young life. freeze it. >> what happens next? one.
7:46 am
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>> veterans day earlier this week. we've had any number of great reunions. we had one yesterday on the show, of course. we want to bring this one to you. noah and elijah. young lads, part of a halftime challenge at the east carolina football game. you can see, took part in the halftime show, throwing the football through the hole. >> good job. >> they won. they got -- they earned prizes with their good arms. and look who brought them their prizes. that's staff sergeant -- >> oh. >> that's fantastic. >> it never gets old. >> oh, that is great. >> so beautiful. >> welcome back, dad. >> his face just exploding. >> i love the fervor with which he ran. >> dad would be proud on the football field. and take a look at what happens. it's a day and a photograph
7:51 am
they'll never forget because, what's a wonderful reunion without a big photo bomb. the east carolina football mascot. newly reunited. i hope you enjoy the weekend. you have certainly earned it. lolots to get to on the program. lindsay lohan here. we'll be talking to her in a bit. and lara, transforming trash to treasure. ill lit ration on full display treasure. ill lit ration on full display today. ose affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:56 on this morning, november 16. more riders could face
7:57 am
mores this weekend delays this weekend because of more track work. trains will be single tracking along parts of the red and blue line starting tonight. on saturday, the trends will single track along parts of the blue and yellow lines. your commute along the capital beltway could look better than this. there are express lanes between the springfield interchange and tysons corner and they will open tomorrow. newschannel it will have an in- depth report in a few minutes. >> your commute on the beltway in maryland looks like a vest. it is slow around the silver spring but it is lighter than usual. over 2 springfield, you concede volume is getting a little bit better. for more delays this weekend because of more track work. trains will be single tracking along parts of the red and blue line starting tonight. on saturday, the trends will single track along parts of the blue and yellow lines. your commute along the capital beltway could look better than this.
7:58 am
there are express lanes between the springfield interchange and tysons corner and they will open tomorrow. newschannel it will have an in- depth report in a few minutes. >> your commute on the beltway in maryland looks like a vest. it is slow around the silver spring but it is lighter than usual. over 2 springfield, 95 and acroh street bridge is not too bad. >> there is a little bit of is oure 43 degrees temperature and we will see more clearing through the late morning, early afternoon hours. it will be continued cool despite some son, 50-55 degrees. it is looking good throughout
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ happy crowd, all bundled up in times square. and d.j. kalkutta in the house, for deejay friday. having some fun. i know robin loves deejay friday. amy robach here this morning. >> thank you very much. we've been having some fun on the set. remember this fantastic former "play of the day." oh, look at him going to town with his birthday cake. >> love it. >> videos like this have become so popular, there's a name for the trend. it's called smash cake. and we decided to bring a bunch
8:01 am
of babies here to get ready to dig into their dessert. what's cuter than a baby with cake all over? >> is that a trend now? >> come on. >> no. >> go ahead and do it. >> no. >> oh. >> i don't think we thought you were going to do that. >> oh, no. >> i think he broke his nose on the table, too. it shook. >> just another day. >> didn't expect that. >> nothing to see here. nothing to see here. >> a surprise. >> a whole bunch of release before that one. right across the road, lindsay lohan has arrived. we will not make her smash her face in a cake. she plays, of course, the legendary superstar, elizabeth taylor, in a brand-new movie. can't wait to talk about it all. >> i'm still mesmerized by the cake. i'm going to introduce you
8:02 am
to one incredible mom. she gave birth to -- this is possibly the biggest baby birth ever. those triplets wayieighing a to of 20 pounds. >> how happy is mom? >> she can hold the baby. instead of holding them in her stomach. amy, she's going to hold them now. >> thank you, josh. it's good you illustrated like this. >> she's healthy. and the babies are great. and you guys know i break for yard sales and surf shop. we're going to help you turn some of your junk into gems. we have pieces that we either inherit or don't know what to do with. not to worry. today, we start with four flea market finds that went from trash to treasure. that's coming up. we have to get the news with josh elliott. >> federal investigators arriving in midland, texas, hoping to figure out why a veterans parade crossed on to
8:03 am
railroad tracks last night just as the train was speeding through. four people were killed in the crash, more than a dozen were hurt. many victims on the float were in wheelchairs and couldn't escape the impact. railroad officials say the crossing gates and lights were working at the time of that crash. meanwhile, former cia director david petraeus is on capitol hill this morning, testifying about the terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. members of congress agreed ahead of time not to mention petraeus' extramarital affair. meantime, there are new questions today whether the two women caught up in the scandal tried to profit from their connection to the general. israel is stepping up its attacks on gaza, as the region marches to a possible all-out war. missiles struck dozens of sites overnight. sites where israel claims hamas gunmen were firing rockets at tel aviv. problems at the post office are getting worse.
8:04 am
the postal service reports it lost $15.9 billion this year. three-times what it lost last year. and troubling news this morning about a rise in carbon monoxide poisoning in hotels. 175 have been treated for carbon monoxide poison. experts are pushing for hotels to install carbon monoxide detectors in every room. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of what's coming up on "world news." >> good morning, josh. we have a man who is save you from any anxiety on thanksgiving day. we promise. surprising, funny, helpful things you must never do. he's our "person of the week." we have troubling news here. hostess, the maker of among other things, twinkies and
8:05 am
wonder bread, says it will go out of business today. hit has failed to reach an agreement in a strike with its workers. some 18,500 jobs are expected to be lost, you guys. >> and children not knowing twinkies. >> and they fry these things. >> a final twinkie. i'm going to save mine for 12 years when mine will be good. >> i'm going to save mine. >> we'll break them out in 2040. it will be great. >> mine is pretty good. >> oh, my. >> scottie, don't bury your head in them. >> no, please. >> scottie still has cake. >> yeah. >> it's what all of the kids are wearing. >> that was so shocking. big "pop news" today. enjoy your snacks. we'll get to it. and we begin with a little hollywood news. they may be hot and cold as a couple, but they seem to be very happy, enjoying the warmth and santa barbara together. katy perry and john mayer.
8:06 am
they were spotted taking their romance on the road north of l.a. the couple lingered as they dined alfresco in the picturesque seaside town. >> they took a walk at the mission. it's beautiful. >> nothing says romance. you need to get ready. >> i'm getting ready now. >> sam's going to go get ready to demonstrate that it takes a really warm coat to get through a cold winter. and one fashion designer thought a little love would help get through the harsh temperatures we're expecting. his solution was the hug me jacket. the designer sent us a prototype, which sam will do weather in today. he's considered using it for his extreme weather team jacket. >> peekaboo. >> he thought everybody should get warm hugs.
8:07 am
oh, no. do you see this? i can't even get through it. he wanted the arms to resemble a stuffed toy. but some think it looks like a straight jacket. >> or that aliens are hugging you. >> thank you, sam. he plans to tell these for about 1,200. >> $1,200? >> to who? >> that's a lovely idea. >> it was nice of him to send us a prototype. and we wish him the best. >> this is a prototype? >> this is a prototype. >> i see. >> this is a beta. >> the coat you're going to be buying looks something like this. >> sam, that's a scarf. >> oh. >> and you can use it on the plane, too. >> i'm going to buy it for sam for christmas. >> you can hold a cell phone. you can be texting. >> exactly. >> high-ten, sam. >> i'm getting a huge move on now. you can keep enjoying the coat. we remember george's winning
8:08 am
"play of the day." he won again. enthusiastic ping-pong winning celebration. and it looks like adam is a really good ping-pong player. here he is again celebrating. this time, an exhibition match in the philippines to the megahit "gangnam style." there's your guy, george. >> wow. >> he's bringing it. >> that is "pop news." it's time for sam in his green jacket. >> sam, you got the weather? >> good morning, everybody opinion how are you? what i love most about this crowd that's been standing in times square all morning long is that they've seen so much, to them, this coat does not look unusual. they didn't know it wasn't -- there wasn't even a hey, what are you wearing? let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. start with the temperatures, as we expect them to beat today's high temperatures. it's back to where it should be this time of year.
8:09 am
and just a few degrees warmer than yesterday. we're feeling good about the weekend in general. look at the wind difference. if you're right on the coast of california, you have a cool, damp wind that's going to be on you in the next couple of days. if you're just off that area, look at salt lake. look at topeka. these areas are comfortable. the wind is nice and dry and comfortable there. it's milder in the middle of the country. it's nice through the weekend. it is officials -- we see shine this morning in between some of the clouds. it is a sign of things to come more sunshinee this afternoon. this little disturbance will o the coast. 38 degrees at dulles airport. 44 at reagan national airport. partly sunny skies
8:10 am
>> i am warm and cozy. i feel a little like kermit the frog. by the way, we are live in times square, gang. now, it's inside to lara. >> thank you so much. great crowd outside. here's a look at what we have going on inside on our "gma morning menu." get ready to meet the biggest triplets in the world. healthy, happy. and we have a great trash to treasure transformation for you. and lindsay lohan live here. and d.j. kalkutta, working it out, on this deejay friday, live on "gma." i was living with this all-over pain.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
ally bank. your money needs an ally. a nice crowd outside. d.j. kalkutta inside this morning. good tunes from her. we turn, now, to the california couple who first planned on a small family but ended up leaving the delivery room with a big surprise. they knew by then the triplets were coming. but as abc's abbie boudreau reports, they didn't realize those three babies could be the biggest triplets ever. >> reporter: brittany deen just gave birth to the heaviest triplets in the world. meet sidney, elliott, and little brother, jenson. combined, the threesome is 20 pounds. a big delivery for the sacramento couple, who originally planned on a small family. >> oh, wow. oh, wow.
8:16 am
>> reporter: they conceived the triplets naturally. that happens about 1 in 8,000 pregnancies. brittany was determined to carries the babies as long as she could. and started a blog to document her growing belly. brittany tripled the amount of food she ate, bringing in 6,000 calories some days. eating full meals every two hours. >> i was just supposed to eat. >> reporter: she posted this picture of what she ate for breakfast. three eggs, yogurt, cheese slices and a bagel loaded with butter. >> one morning, she had made a plate of meatballs. >> reporter: brittany gained 85 pounds. but eating so many calories could have caused major problems. >> high blood pressure, diabetes at pregnancy. it's a risk for the mom. >> reporter: defying the odds, a healthy brittany made it to 37 weeks, a full-term pregnancy. >> they came in, whoa. you've got big babies in there. >> reporter: already, brittany's
8:17 am
happily dropped 50 pounds in just a few days. and says the only one that's going to miss that gigantic baby bump is the family cat. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> we thank you, abbie. now, we turn to our special event, trash to treasure. so many of us have something we've inherited, we found, we've adopted. and we can't all afford to get rid of it and start over. so, what do you do with it? we asked you to send in photos and videos of some of your diamonds in the rough. something you were thinking about junking. and we're going to do our best to recycle or upcycle it into a gem. like this. so much to see. so little time. you have to get in there. you have to not be afraid to dig a little bit. but when you find those treasures, you'll soon see it's worth it. look at this. it's a multipurpose ladder. a great industrial look. i love the original label. i think we could clean this wood
8:18 am
up and reupholster the seat. end of the day. your best price? >> 40 bucks. >> reporter: i realize these aren't attractive chairs. i do see potential in them. everybody's on a budget. we all have the pieces in our home where we think, this is trash. i am challenging you to make it your treasure. this chest has great bones. i found it at a thrift shop. it was $20. but the wood is dull and old. all you have to do is sand it down, prime it and paint it to breathe new life. paint is your friend, people. with a few simple diy tips, it's easy for my ugly ducklings to become interior design swans. this ladder is like the transformer of antiques. check this out. it's a ladder. it's an ironing board. or it's a console table in your apartment. i love using lacquer. it's also more durable than
8:19 am
regular paint. they're so ugly. but the bones are there. these pop right off. so easy to reupholster. you need a staple gun and a half-yard of fabric. and the foam's in good shape. i love this share. i knew it had great bones. i looked it up. and it's a larsen chair. mid century danish. and a pair of them going for $995. i paid $40. are we ready to see what the pieces look like now? we're going to start with this chair, which i discovered is a larsen chair. this is mid century iconic. these go online for so much money. i've seen them for $500. we paid $40. we knew not to paint it. >> no guess with it too much. that's how you strip the value. >> we reupholstered it using staples. this is a casey sometimes, just let it be. >> and look how nice it will look in a room now.
8:20 am
if this chair could talk, it would say, i'm a modern masterpiece. >> it sure would, sam champion. remember the ladder? how about in a cool new york city apartment, be gentle, josh. >> i am. ready? >> and now, it's a fun console table. this is a fun table. and if you need to, you can collapse it. we put plexi. you can use it as a ledder to get in your closet. >> that is amazing. >> this is a chest from the shift shop. instead of trying to strip it, i primed it and painted it. i made it a pretty swedish look. >> you have to be kidding. that is absolutely beautiful. you wouldn't put that in the entryway. but you would put this here. >> it got dirty on the transport in. i polished up the brass and painted it. and the flat paint. instead of glossy. i think it looks fantastic.
8:21 am
>> it scratches easier. >> the apples look delicious. >> they do. >> these were the ugly ducklings. $35 for four. and now, look at them. i'm in a gray mood right now. this is supposed to look like carving. it was plastic. i popped that off. painted them flat gray. this is an easy upholstery job. for a $35 investment, you have a look that can go in any apartment. i know you all have pieces like this, that just need a little bit of paint. it's like makeup. it helps everybody look a little better. we want to see your pictures. on monday, you'll meet the first three viewers and see their junk transformed. it's happening all next week. don't miss it. guys? >> these are great ideas. >> show the last one. show the last trash to treasure. >> oh. >> hey. >> that was their idea. >> a little spray paint. amy, we're going inside to you and lindsay lohan. >> thanks so much.
8:22 am
as you just said, we are here with lindsay lohan. she's here to tell us about taking on the iconic hollywood role. lohan transforms herself into elizabeth taylor in "liz & dick." it focuses on the turbulent love between elizabeth taylor and richard burton. >> you haven't read the news today. no less than the vatican has made a pronouncement about us. >> the vatican, right. >> open it. >> we are so happy to have lindsay lohan here. >> thank you. >> welcome. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i watched the movie last night. it's fantastic. and woke up to see rave reviews about it. that has to feel good. congratulations. >> thank you very much. it's nerve-racking to play someone that's an incredible force. and a wonderful woman. it was really -- i was nervous to see what people would think of it. >> what were some of the
8:23 am
challenges taking on a role that is so iconic. a woman who was so loved and so well-known? >> i think it was more so kind of -- you can never actually be, you know, a clone of the person. so, you have to bring some of yourself into it. and i kind of -- i was lucky enough because i do relatetaylo ways. >> there are a lot of parallels. being a child actor to the intense public scrutiny. did you seek out this role? >> it's a funny story, actually. i had seen they were going to be making a movie. and i got the producer's number and started harassing larry thompson. and i didn't even -- i didn't even care if my agents were going to do it or not. i did it myself, too, because i was, like, no one else is going to play this role. i have to do this. >> and liz taylor's life was out of control at times. and to be honest, so has yours. from the moment you step out of your house, there's often times
8:24 am
drama. there's been legal troubles. do you think that your life and your career may have been different, would have been different, without the constant scrutiny? >> i mean, obviously, yes, to a certain extent. but i think that everyone goes through things in life. and i learned -- i like to learn from my mistakes, obviously. but i wouldn't be what i am today if i hasn't gone through certain things. and everything happens for a reason, good or bad. you can take what you've learned from it and go forward. >> obviously, you've been going through some very difficult times. elizabeth taylor did, too. who did she rely on during those dark days? and who is your rock? who do you go to? how do you stay grounded? >> elizabeth taylor went to her mother a lot. she was close with her mother. and i think you see we portray that pretty well in the movie. and i'm pretty much the same. my mom and my siblings, my sister, and my brother, michael. >> and yet, your family troubles are constantly put out there for the public.
8:25 am
i know just today there was news that you allegedly have a new half-sister. how do you handle your family -- >> i didn't even hear that. thanks for the news. i don't pay attention. >> how does your family handle all of that -- there's headlines splashed daily? >> you know, i can't -- i don't want to get into that because i want to stay on the positive side of things to talk about. >> you said, that acting is your passion. >> yes. >> and being on set is where you belong. you had to take a step back from that, for a moment. and you and elizabeth actually were at the same rehab clinic at the betty ford clinic. is this, for you, seeing yourself play this role, is this a bit of professional redemption? >> yeah. i think that, just as elizabeth taylor did, there was a time, you know, when i was just doing so much work constantly. and i kind of had that moment where it was -- i was like, do i really love doing this? and stepping back and seeing other people do other movies,
8:26 am
wait, that's what i love to do. why i need to get in the right head space and focus on being on set. that's what makes me happiest. >> what do you like best about this film? do you have a scene you're proudest of? >> it was fun to do. i wish i had more of the scenes that we did. timing-wise, they had to cut it down. but when i did the virginia wolfe scenes. that was my favorite. >> we want to talk more about the movie and your experience. i imagine it was probably quite a shock to look in the mirror and see yourself as elizabeth taylor. we're going to ask you to stick around. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪
8:27 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 8:27 on this friday morning. reviewingional panel the major airports, a house set this morning in the wake of an audit that y the airport wa authority has hired contractors and spent money. d petraeus is on the hill right now testifying about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. u.s.ttack killed the ambassador and three other americans. house andpear before committees this morning newschannel 8 will have an -depth report in a couple of minutes. a lot of vehicles on the roads.
8:28 am
let's take a look at the beltway and colesville road. moving slowly from new around toavenue avenue but everything is open. looks smooth near airport in down on the toll road. better outoking a cloudy start and a sprinkles end the northern and eastern shore but that up and 44g to dry degrees is our temperature and we have some 30's off to the west. it is only 30 in martinsburg. sunny thisbe partly continued call h temperature between 50-55 degrees . in to the weekend, sunshine for clouds onnd more sunday but we are taking rain out of the forecast. it looks good for your thanksgiving holiday. be back at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ happy crowd out in times square. and we're all hearing the work of d.j. kalkutta right there. and look at those faces across from d.j. kalkutta. they are about to get their faces smashed with cake. those are babies that have been smashed with cake. we have live babies across the studio, just aminute, celebrating their birthday. also, thanksgiving is less than a week away. how can yu dress up your dinner table on a budget? we'll show you all the tricks. >> that's coming up. we want to get right back to amy robach, and her talk with lindsay lohan. >> that's right. we're talking with lindsay about
8:31 am
her upcoming role in "liz & dick." what was it like for you when you looked in the mirror? for all who see the movie, it is a stunning and very accurate display. >> thank you so much. >> did you feel like, i'm looking at elizabeth taylor? >> there goes the baby. they're so cute. yes, sorry. i got sidetracked. it was really interesting. my hair was red at the time, as well. and i just cut it off and dyed it dark. when i put the wig on and transformed into that, it was a really incredible feeling. and it kind of shocked people on the set, which felt really cool. >> did you stay in character? it probably helped you to stay in character, knowing you looked exactly like her. >> i was playing cleopatra, and virginia wolfe all the time. >> what do you think your fans will take away from this movie? >> i hope that, you know, my love for acting shows through a lot. and people really see that.
8:32 am
i hope that they enjoy the portrayal that i did the best that i could. and i hope elizabeth's happy, watching from above. >> and i know your fans are rooting for you. they have been this entire time. what's next for you? i understand there's more acting. and more of you doing what you love and what you said you were meant to do. from the age of 3. >> yeah. from the age of 3. you were telling me about the footage you have of me when i was 12. so funny. i have a movie coming up called "the canyons." i'm reading scripts every day. and i keep calling my agents every day, keep me on set. it's safer that way. >> where are you in life? so many people want to know that are behind you. >> i'm in a great place. i want to move forward and keep working. i'm in a process of moving to spend time with my family and be happy. >> we're happy. >> thank you. >> were you proud of your portrayal? >> yeah. it's interesting.
8:33 am
my sister, my brother, and my mom watched it. and to have -- and friends. to have people that i really care about and love in life, really enjoy it and appreciate it, makes it so much more worth it. it feels really amazing. >> well, we're proud of you, lindsay. >> thank you. >> and i know so many other people are, as well. people can watch "liz & dick" on november 25th on lifetime. >> thank you very much. want to head out to sam, who is outside for the weather. and the latest on macy's belief campaign. sam? >> so nice to hear from lindsay lohan. last week -- do these things look familiar to you? last week on "gma," macy kicked off the annual macy's believe campaign. for every letter to santa claus that is stamped and dropped off to a mailbox like this one, m y macy's will donate up to $1 million to the make-a-wish foundation. macy's andmake-a-wish do so many great things with that money. let's see what you did with the
8:34 am
santa letters. $89,901, sent to santa, in one week. to find out more about that campaign, you know the kids have to write letters to santa. you know you have to get them stamped. and you have to send them to santa. you've got to put them in this box. we could raise $1 million for make-a-wish. now, let's get to the boards and show you what's going on this morning. we'll start with your pictures that you sent into us. this morning and last night, from fowlerville, michigan. also, mt. shasta, a great-looking picture. the rain today, a second infusion of moisture today. that means more rain over the coming days. it is going to be a stormy, west coast outlook. almost the entire west coast gets it. and the higher elevations, you'll start to pick up a good hit of snow out of this. memphis looks good. san antonio in the middle of the country. there's a little bit of rain
8:35 am
will little bit of rain stopping east of the metro clouds will give way to sunshine later today. degrees right now but are betweender -- will be >> there is no better place to be to kick off your weekend than right here at times square. and thank you, guys, for coming out with us, you giant crowd. we love you. back inside to amy. amy? >> all right, sam. it is time, now, for the challenge of pint-sized proportions. our friends at baby center told us about smash cake. and he inspired us to bring many babies who are very upset. but we hope that sugar will make it all better. patrick, piper, madison, and grayson.
8:36 am
they're here to have the cakes that hopefully will make them happy by the cake boss himself. >> let's give them out. each baby gets a cake. >> you have a book out. as we see your creations being destroyed, how do you feel about your cakes going down this way? >> to be honest with you, josh, this is a great thing. all babies should have a smash cake on their first or second birthday. you know what? look how well behaved these kids are. let them have a little fun. get in there. >> the messiest wone wins, righ? >> the messiest one wins. i'm the judge. dig in. go get them. >> it's good, isn't it, paper? smash it. >> you like sugar. >> uh-oh.
8:37 am
>> oh. >> good. >> uh-oh. >> piper is getting in it. >> all right. >> get in there. all right. he's in there. >> get that off my fingers. >> come on. dig deep. dig deep. >> madison's getting into it. >> all right, madison. >> madison is -- >> yeah. >> she is pacing herself. >> this is the big finish. here comes piper. pound it, piper. >> get in there. uh-oh. she's got the feel. once they get the sensories going, it's done. go good? no? i don't know. pulling ahead here. pulling ahead. >> all right. >> very quickly. we have about 15 seconds. who is the winner? >> madison is the winner.
8:38 am
all right. hey. here you go, beautiful. look at that. >> that looks great. >> all right. coming up, a show-stopping thanksgiving table on a budget. and d.j. kalkutta is live.
8:39 am
[ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go.
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♪ well, your turkey isn't the only thing that needs dressing. your dinner table does, too. in our series, "get the good life," we have great ideas to make your table look holiday-ready, on a budget. and for that, dorothy miller, party planning director at martha stewart's weddings, is here to tell us what you can do to make your holiday table a show-stopper. >> thank you for having me. >> i love your tips. been following you for years. how can we do this on a budget? >> it's very easy. three things, paper, paint and branches. let's start with the paper. you know about these punches? this is the martha stewart crafts punch. it is great. do your kids like crafts? i'm giving you this to take. you look at the craft paper you
8:42 am
have at home. >> it makes a doily. >> it dresses it up. you can use that for the napkin rings. and the menu card paper. we'll put it on your website, "gma." >> that's a nice, fancy touch. >> and it's nice to put if you have a grandmother's recipe or any special -- people bring something, pot luck. and then, a kids' table. >> okay. >> we have more paper. the same craft paper. we also have the template for these mayflower boats. just a stick and some popcorn. and paper turkeys. and this is one of my favorite things. this is the same gold paper. all this is done with one piece of gold paper. and you put it in the votives.
8:43 am
they can have their own -- >> their candlelight celebration. they're battery-operated. >> also, a link on your website, place mats that the kids can color. >> i love that. everybody download these. and it says, this thanksgiving, i give thanks for. they can draw and color. we know that a place mat to draw on, can give parents 15 minutes of conversation. >> 15 minutes? your kids draw for a long time. you can laminate them after and use them at home. >> yeah. paper and paint, you mentioned. >> yeah. here's some craft paint. all i did was painted these gold pumpkins. painted them gold. and it really dresses them up. you can do pomegranates. >> really inexpensive. and finally, branches from our own backyard. >> you can get some in your own backyard or the florist. what's great about branches is they last a long time.
8:44 am
get this -- i'm calling this my thankful tree. so, it is -- thank you, lara. a great centerpiece. it has big impact. >> it sure does. and using the paper. >> and everyone can write what they're thankful for and add it to the tree. >> my family. >> and announce what you're thankful for. >> something everybody getting involved in. really inexpensive. dorothy miller, thanks so much. great tips. we're going to have the links on our website so you can download the placements. >> and all of the discounts. 50% off at that punch. get it at michael's. >> thank you, dorothy miller. you know him as the cake boss. buddy valastro. here's here to put a twist on your thanksgiving feast.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
d.j. kalkutta right there. ♪ >> budly valastro, has a great book out, "cooking italian." you have long lines everywhere. how do people get through it? >> we deliver 60 miles around hoboken. we can deliver right to your house. check it out. a good way to skip the line. >> we have a very special thanksgiving recipe here, from your new book, "cooking italian." tell us about it. >> we're doing a turkey roaltini today. a little different. >> they love that idea. >> you start with olive oil. we're going to add onions. and then, we're going to add some garlic, salt, pepper. you want to stir it up, george? i'll get you working. we have a little bit of sausage here.
8:48 am
smash that up. get all of the flavors in. let that infuse together. now, we're going to put some mushrooms in here. and some button mushrooms. you can use shiitake, whatever you like. this is going to be a filling, almost like a stuffing, okay? we have some beautiful spinach here. and we're going to put this in here. and it's going to cook down with the heat. i know it looks like a lot now, george. but i promise -- when it's done, actually, george, it looks like that. >> okay. >> this is finished. okay? after it's all cooked together, we're showing you -- i want to show everybody everything. we have beautiful italian bread crumbs. want to mix that up, george? we have beautiful parmesan cheese. and we have an egg. we're going to mix that all in there. the egg provides it to clump together nice, you know?
8:49 am
and i have a turkey breast that i butterflied and pounded down with a mallet, just to flatten it and make it tenderized. is that good, josh? we don't fool around. >> it's delicious. >> it's good stuff, right? that's perfect. turkey boss, too. we do a little bit of that, too. all these delicious, simple, family recipes are in my book. you know, usually, you would think just -- i know how to bake. but i am actually a really good cook. and my approach to cooking -- >> never doubted that, buddy. >> i know. but my approach to cooking is really -- just do simple ingredients that people could get at the supermarket and enjoy. we would tie this up like this, right? we have a pan here. going to take a little bit of olive oil. we're going to sere this up. okay? once it's seared up, it's going to look like that. okay? we will take it out. and to the pan, we're going to add onion, carrot.
8:50 am
celery. >> yeah. >> okay? we got a little bit of chicken stock. this is actually a really, really great press by. and we would put our turkey breast back in the pan. >> oh. in the pan. does it go in the oven? >> now, we put it in the oven. and we cook it for about another hour. you're going to cook it 20 minutes with the of the off. then -- >> in the oven? >> in the oven. then, you finish it when it comes out with a little bit of flour, that comes through the gravy. that's how it finishes over here like that. i have to give a piece to george. >> i need a fork. and the salad. >> at the end of the day, it's great because you know, just to give you a different spin on turkey. you know what i'm trying to say? simple to do. and it doesn't have to be thanksgiving to do this recipe. >> we want to hear about the salad, as well. >> that's a fennel salad. it has a mandarin vinaigrette on
8:51 am
there. forget about this. who doesn't like fennel in their salad, right? >> a great touch. >> it has a nice texture to it. and i'm so proud of this book. it brings back so many of my family memories. >> i'll bet it does. that tastes fantastic. all of the recipes on the website, also, a recipe for turkey cake. >> yeah. we do a turkey cake, too. >> have to do that on thanksgiving. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ almost don't have time to talk to you right now. we're in the middle of an exciting world exclusive. take a look at the first brand-new interactive game. >> who just shot the dragon? you? >> it comes out sunday, the
8:55 am
18th. >> here's the deal. you can be mickey mouse. or i can. or you can be oswald, the lucky rabbit. the very first cartoon. it's an epic battle. >> who has mickey? >> i do. >> disney is great enough to give our crowd some games. and everybody. >> happy to. >> that dragon, lara. >> the first cartoon. from the '20s to the '40s. and i actually won. maybe you didn't notice. i'm sure i won. please, don't look at the screen. please, don't look at the numbers. but i know that i won. >> in your heart, you won, sam. >> i did. >> what could go wrong? try to shoot the dragon, lara. before we go, we have two
8:56 am
bundles of joy, our operations manager, maria stephanopoulos, no relation. gabriela and anastasia. >> don't forget to watch about "20/20," the real dish. what you don't know about your favorite restaurants, revealed tonight. >> thanks to d.j. kalkutta. you kicked the weekend off only as you can. we appreciate it, as always. and everybody, have a great weekend. >> bye. >> so long.
8:57 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 8:56. mta will start installing flat screen displays. stephen colbert is expected in downtown d.c. today. they are -- the artists are reproducing him for a wax figure. here's a look at traffic. there's a report of a vehicle route 80. 80
8:58 am
here we are at montrose road. volume is easing up pretty nicely. the weather is not too bad, 44 degrees right now and some be with us through the afternoon. it is cooler in northern , 38 degrees at dulles. we are expecting partly sunny 50-55 degrees. we will stay in the middle 50's weekend. >> thank you for watching. we will be back at noon. "live with kelly and michael" is next.
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